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Find out about a successful rehabilitation program at Narconon of Northern California that offers additional treatment after graduation should a relapse occur.

If you or a loved one has fallen victim to cocaine abuse — and again a victim to cocaine rehabilitation programs that didn’t work, now there’s a solution at Narconon of Northern California.

This remarkable rehab program:

  • Offers a Holistic approach to cocaine abuse and recovery
  • 30-days of additional treatment if there is a relapse within six months
  • Does not substitute drugs with other drugs
  • Instant help for your addiction problem today


Narconon Program

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You really can beat cocaine addiction – without drug therapy, 12-step programs or similar disease treatments. The Narconon program has proven to be an effective long term solution to drug addiction. Don’t wait – Call or fill out the form on this page to begin your recovery at Narconon of Northern California TODAY!

Narconon of Northern California Rehab Facility for Drug Addiction

The Narconon of Northern California Facility for Drug Addiction relies on the proven, Narconon Drug Rehab treatment program.  It employs four distinct phases of treatment:

  •  Phase I: A Sauna Based, Drug-Free Detox Program. Dry sauna removes the residues from street drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol and other drugs that collect in the body’s tissues over time. Left unchecked, these residues are eventually released back into the body, inducing cravings and ultimately, relapse. By sweating these toxins away, relapses are less likely to occur.
  • Phase II: Special educational self-control therapy. Many addicts first turned to drugs to escape the pressures of everyday life. The educational therapies of the Narconon program allow students to focus on their life goals. They gain the power of self-control that will help them face the realities of life without turning to drugs when life gets tough.
  • Phase III: Additional Planning Therapies. Addicts frequently commit harmful acts to the family members, friends and themselves. This cuts away at their sense of self-worth, which, leads to more drugs.  Phase three of the program helps to restore a sense of pride and forgiveness needed to start life whole again.
  • Phase IV: The Narconon Follow Up Program. When the addict completes treatment at Narconon of Northern California, the staff is still available for assistance through the entire first year of recovery. Regular contact with both the addict and his family in maintained.