Drug Detox

Narconon of Northern California Drug Rehab Programs

Detoxifying, or removing the drug residuals from the body, is essential to any real rehab effort. According to Narconon, the presence of these drug residuals in the body is the cause of many relapses back into addiction. You should avoid any program that does not employ some form of drug detox. There are a number of programs that utilize ‘new formulations’ or ‘sophisticated chelating agents’ to remove drug residuals from the body and these should be avoided. A medically safe sauna program with a rigorous vitamin regimen to flush the body of the drug has proven to be the safest and least expensive approach, not to mention most effective. For more information on this topic, click here to contact our Narconon drug rehabilitation counselors who are waiting to help you understand your options.

Avoid Drug Replacement
Too many drug rehabilitation programs simply replace the addiction to the illegal drug with one to a prescription drug. The point here is that the ideal drug rehabilitation program uses no replacement drug therapy. There are many rehab programs to choose from and one simple approach to make a selection easier is to find out if the rehab program uses drug replacement therapy and if so, seek one that does not.  …Read More >

Official Program Recognition
All drug rehab programs ‘claim’ they are approved by this hospital or that doctor. What you need is a program that has such a long and successful rehabilitation history that the Government actually recognizes it officially. This one criteria will help you to avoid using a program that is essentially experimental or some new fad.  …Read More >

A Rehabilitation Guarantee
There are few programs that actually guarantee their rehabilitation and offer free additional treatment should the addict relapse. If a program is willing to guarantee their results with free additional treatment you at least know that the company seriously stands behind their program. This one criteria alone will help you eliminate most competing programs from your selection process as only a few programs stand by their results to this degree. It is this sort of guarantee that is a strong indicator that you will get the result you really want.  …Read More >

After-Rehabilitation Life Counseling
Effective life counseling for the recovering addict is a critical element of any successful drug rehab program. Any program that does not use proven life counseling to re-orient the rehabilitated individual back into society is simply a waste of time and money. It was the lack of these life skills that created the ‘need’ for drugs to escape their reality and ultimately made the addict in the first place.  …Read More >

Time Proven Results
Drug abuse is a serious problem faced by modern society today. New rehab approaches are tested and offered to combat this problem all the time. This does not mean that they are effective, just different or new. Look for a program that has a history going back more than 40 years and a proven success rate over 50%. This is the only real approach to a serious rehabilitation selection effort.  …Read More >

Cocaine Abuse Help-Line
We have drug counselors available who want to talk with you and explain your options, educate you on available programs and assist you into a program that fits your needs. Our counselors want to help you.   …Read More >